February 24, 2014

Hey guys! Check out this fun feature on my paintings by Meredith Mills - on Miss Moody!

Click here: http://miss-moody.com

Be sure to make Miss-Moody a must read... Meredith incorporates everything from eclectic and striking interiors to the latest beauty tips for the upcoming season! I especially love her style. Her fashion posts evoke a classic style with pops of fun - whether its color, leopard, gold, leather...I love it! Check it out!


also known as meredith mills :

who can only be defined as a sagittarius : designer : frequent mood-swinger : and blogger who is neither here, nor there, instead somewhere caught in the middle. with an existence that is summed up as an individualized hellraiser, my restless mind and wandering nature feel more appropriately described as moody, which i consider my best asset.


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