the frame

July 9, 2014

Deciding on a frame for a painting can be a daunting task at times. For me, the color scheme/look/tone of a painting often determines what direction I want to take with a frame. On the other side of things, sometimes the atmosphere and formality/informality of a room deciphers the frame. I am a BIG believer that there is a perfect frame for each painting, if needed...the perfect partner in crime to make a stunning statement on the wall, a WOW moment. However, I am also a big advocate for leaving pieces unframed. Frequently, the painting is all you need and makes enough of an accent on the wall. Larger abstract paintings can lend themsleves toward a unframed look or a more minimalist syle of frame. Don't overpower something that is already taking up a large portion of your wall. You never want to take away from the painting itself. Good luck in your framing! Here's to beautiful walls!

A few of my favorite frames...

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