January 10, 2013

Happy Thursday! I am about half way finished with this bad boy below. Lovin' these colors today...


January 8, 2013


48 x 48

Acrylic on canvas

detail shots...


January 3, 2013

Here goes!

I have started my facebook page, Harrison Blackford Art today! Hot off the press!

I will be updating this page with new paintings as I finish them. Make sure to go "like" it to stay in the loop. Click here. Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (almost)

December 30, 2012

It's that time! 

Happy almost New Year, everyone. I have SO MUCH that I want to get done in 2013. Do you? 

Wish me luck! I am entering studio lockdown mode. I have some specific projects that I am working on as well as building up my inventory for the new year. I will keep you posted as I have new pieces to show. I will also be taking part in two local art shows coming up this February. VERY EXCITED!!! LOTS TO DO!!!

I will be posting more information soon on these two upcoming shows.

See ya next year...

here is the church and here is the steeple

December 29, 2012

Here is a little something special for a couple who got married at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC. 

So fun! 


December 28, 2012

December was full of some special projects for Christmas--- including this piece below!

I am looking forward to seeing this painting over the mantel in its new home!


30 x 40

Acrylic on canvas - SOLD


yea, I'm looking at you

December 20, 2012

"Little Cow"

8 x 10

Acrylic on canvas

ho ho ho

December 19, 2012

so. much. to. do. 

happening on instagram

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