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Deciding on a frame for a painting can be a daunting task at times. For me, the color scheme/look/tone of a painting often determines what direction I want to take with a frame. On the other side of things, sometimes the atmosphere and formality/informality of a room deciphers the frame. I am a BIG believer that there is a perfect frame for each painting, if needed...the perfect partner in crime to make a stunning statement on the wall, a WOW moment. However, I am also a big advocate for leaving pieces unframed. Frequently, the painting is all you need and makes enough of an accent on the wall. Larger abstract paintings can lend themsleves toward a unframed look or a more minimalist syle of frame. Don't overpower something that is already taking up a large portion of your wall. You never want to take away from the painting itself. Good luck in your framing! Here's to beautiful walls!

A few of my favorite frames...

Posted on July 9th 2014 in Painting News

baja ballad

This is a new painting that will be used for a special project with two FAB interior coming soon!

I had some fun today playing around with fabrics...

"Baja Ballad"

30 x 30

Acrylic on canvas 

Posted on June 26th 2014 in Painting News


Here is my latest how it works with all their fabrics. Coral, turquoise blues, lime greens - YUM.

Lovin' life on the Riviera...

Posted on June 25th 2014 in Painting News

outside the box fine art

I had a wonderful time in Charleston last Thursday night celebrating the launch of Outside the Box Fine Art. Check them out and their redefined way of collecting fine art! Congrats Molly and Mary Hull!!!

Posted on June 23rd 2014 in Art Events

southern coterie

Very excited to be featured on the Southern Coterie blog today! Check it out, click here.



The Southern Coterie is the social network of the SOUTH…  an online community where southerners and all those who love the south can connect, congregate and converse about the things that matter to us most!

It’s a circle of friends with common and similar interests - in this case the south.  It's an exciting collaborative effort celebrating the South and the people, places and things that encompass our location and unique lifestyle.  It’s the place where we can share with one another and learn from each other just as we do with our friends.  So, please consider us your friends and keep reading to learn more about us and our fabulous "C-Team"!

The Southern Coterie is your connection and curator to the southern life and landscape - from Athens to Asheville, Birmingham to Baton Rouge, Charleston to Chattanooga, Charlottesville to Chapel Hill, Dallas to DC, Jackson to Jacksonville, Lexington to Little Rock, Macon to Memphis, the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and all points in between.

Whether searching for the hottest restaurants in Charleston, finding the perfect spot for a seaside wedding on 30-A, sharing grandmother’s famous recipe for pimento cheese, learning more about the oyster men of Appalachia Bay, listening to the Blind Boys of Alabama sing an amazing rendition of "Amazing Grace",  discussing the Dawgs, Tide, Tigers or Gamecocks,  perusing photos of our southern landscape or reading your favorite southern blogger, The Southern Coterie is the place to go to learn, ask questions, share experiences and communicate with our friends.


Posted on June 11th 2014 in Painting News

tone of the room

I strongly believe that a painting creates the tone and mood of a room. Whether the walls are stark white or lacquered in black, a painting pops off that color and creates the character and color scheme for the space. I prefer a painting to not exactly "match" its makes the painting the focal point and interest of the area.

Below are a couple spaces where I believe the paintings set the atmosphere and make the room.

Posted on June 9th 2014 in Painting News


I love these three guys below! My new painting --- "Trio" 

24 x 48, white boxed frame, acrylic on canvas

Email me for pricing and more info!

Posted on June 3rd 2014 in Painting News

In Tune

I am so excited about this painting! Just added to AVAILABLE WORK. Email me for more info and pricing:

"In Tune"

24 x 24

Acrylic on canvas

Posted on May 13th 2014 in Painting News

summer wave

New collection of abstract paintings - Summer 2014...stay tuned!


Posted on May 7th 2014 in Painting News

paintings on paper

Check out these new paintings on paper!! More info here

Alfresco Alley II




Awning Avenue

Posted on April 29th 2014 in Painting News

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